When A Vehicle Accident Causes Infertility, Someone Must Be Found Liable

Posted on: 27 April 2023


A motor vehicle accident can produce a multitude of injuries for the victims involved, including some that are unseen. One of these hidden and less widely talked about injuries is infertility. In the case of a severe accident, a victim may sustain injuries that permanently decline or limit their ability to conceive. For these victims, such a tragic outcome is undoubtedly something they deserve compensation for.

Identifying the Cause

Conception is a complex process requiring the involvement of several of the body systems. For this reason, it is important to understand that physical trauma in the reproductive area alone is not the benchmark for this type of injury. Injuries that have caused impacts in other areas may also play a role.

Therefore, if you recently discovered that you have issues with infertility that were not present before the vehicle accident, do not count out that the accident is to blame for this medical concern. A number of underlying injuries could have played a role in this condition, so it is worth investigating the issue.

Medical Documentation

All car accident claims require medical documentation to prove the injuries. While documentation is still needed with certain injuries, such as a broken leg, establishing that the injury resulted from the accident is sometimes less complex. Yet, this is not the case with infertility.

You will need to produce medical proof that shows that you did not experience infertility before the accident, that you sustained an injury during the accident, and that the injury you incurred is directly to blame for your inability to conceive or to carry a successful pregnancy to term. Remember that this process can feel invasive, but it is necessary to prove your claim.

Non-Economic Losses

For many, falling in love and creating a family is a goal. So, when a negligent driver's actions reduce or eliminate a person's ability to do so, they deserve to be compensated for this loss. However, the problem is that no exact dollar amount can cover this loss. 

These non-economic losses include pain and suffering on the part of the injured, as well as on the part of their spouse since they have also suffered a loss in this situation. The court aims to provide some families with compensation to cover these non-economic losses.

If you have sustained an infertility-causing injury due to a motor vehicle accident, speak with a car accident attorney as soon as possible.