4 Things Your Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Wants You To Do After Your Accident

Posted on: 16 February 2022


Motorcycle accidents are usually complicated because everyone always wants to blame the bike rider over the other party. Therefore, if you do not take the proper measures, you may not get compensated for any injuries or losses you experience. It is advisable to learn how to protect yourself when making motorcycle accident claims, and the first step should be getting a lawyer. Follow these guidelines on the best measures to take if you get involved in a motorcycle accident.

Document All the Accident Details

The best time to gather evidence of your accident is soon after it happens. That way, you don't end up second-guessing the details or settling for the information the police or insurance company collects. You can record the other motorist's details and pictures of the injuries or bike damage. It is also a perfect time to get details of the eyewitnesses, as you may need their testimonies to strengthen your case.

Report the Accident 

After a motorcycle accident, the first parties to call are emergency medical services, law enforcement officers, and your insurance agency. Reporting to these parties will give you enough backup when filing your claim. After calling about the case, ensure you wait for the police to arrive before leaving the scene. The officers will take responsibility, examine the crash, and gather evidence for their reports. These police reports will act as evidence when negotiating your compensation.

See a Doctor

Just because you don't feel any pain or see any physical injuries does not mean you are okay. Some injuries are not apparent until a doctor diagnoses them. For this reason, visiting your doctor for a complete physical examination is the first thing you should do. Your doctor will examine all your injuries and include their findings in your medical report. Otherwise, going to the hospital days after the accident can open a possibility of the insurance company disputing the source of your injuries.

 Call Your Lawyer

A fool-proof way to protect your rights through each stage of the motorcycle accident claim is by hiring an experienced attorney. Experienced lawyers will help you file your insurance claim and prevent you from making any errors that could weaken the case. That way, you get suitable compensation for damages and injuries incurred.

 The tips above will ensure you get the compensation you deserve after a motorcycle accident. However, if you are not sure where to start or what to avoid during this period, contact an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer