Got in a Motorcycle Accident? 3 Factors That Can Determine Your Settlement

Posted on: 23 September 2021


Not a single day likely passes without some form of accident. Unfortunately, most victims have little to no information on how settlements are determined. The truth is, many factors come into play in determining the amount you will receive. Motorcycle accident lawyers tend to have all the information you need, so make sure you hire one as soon as you can. Below are a few factors that will be used to determine your case.

Bias Against Motorcyclists

Usually, some level of bias comes into play whenever an accident happens between a motorcyclist and motorist, which greatly influences the outcome. In most cases, a motorcyclist is considered reckless on the road, and a jury is likely to use this assumption to determine the outcome of a case. When this happens, the motorcyclist will be unfairly compensated. Also, insurance companies are aware of this unfairness or loophole and tend to lower the motorcyclist's claim. Therefore, you need a lawyer who truly understands this favoritism and fights to see you walk with the compensation you deserve.

The Injuries on the Plaintiff

Injuries that result in high medical bills are easier to estimate. That is because the jury will look at the bills you have paid so far and possible future bills. However, non-concrete cases such as pain and suffering are not easy to estimate, and the jury is likely to make a settlement estimate based on past similar motorcycle accidents. Also, suppose you lived an active life such as playing various sports and suffered a severed arm or leg, you are liable to a higher claim. Consequently, the opposite is true if one lived a less active life before the accident. Whatever the case, a motorcycle accident lawyer can help you get fair compensation.

Whether the Guilty Party Will Be Found Guilty

Sometimes, it is evident who was at fault or is likely to win the case. That said, if there is insufficient evidence, the settlement amount will automatically reduce despite serious damages or injuries. Another factor that lowers your chances of winning is based on the point discussed earlier on motorcyclist bias. With the jury against motorcyclists, it is clear who is likely to win the case. However, you raise your chances of not walking empty-handed if armed with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer.

As you can see, motorcycle accident settlements are quite tricky, so you need to be careful on the road. If the unfortunate happens and you are involved in an accident, reach out to a motorcycle accident lawyer.