Myths That Can Cause Auto Accident Victims To Make Mistakes

Posted on: 19 April 2021


An auto accident is among the most serious incidents that a person can experience as it can result in both extensive property damage along with serious injuries. Unfortunately, there can be a lot of myths surrounding auto accidents, which can reduce the ability of victims to pursue their rights in these cases.

Myth: An Attorney Will Take All Of The Money From Your Settlement Or Verdict

An attorney can be an important type of representation to have during a car accident procedure. These professionals can serve as your representation and counsel throughout all aspects of the negotiations and proceedings that may be needed to resolve the case. While it is easy for individuals to assume that the attorney will take the majority of the money from these cases, their fee will typically be capped at a third of the compensation plus the costs that were incurred pursuing the case.

Myth: Working With An Attorney Will Be Intimidating

Some people might think that working with an attorney will be an intimidating experience. In reality, individuals will often find that their attorney can give them a sense of confidence and clarity about what they should expect and pursue. This is due to the fact that their attorney will solely be interested in protecting the rights of the client in these cases. However, it is important for individuals to be prepared for the questions that their attorney may have, which may require them to reflect on the facts surrounding their case and gathering the necessary documents.

Myth: An Attorney Will Tend To Settle To Avoid The Labor Of A Trial

It is often the case that an attorney will attempt to reach a negotiated settlement for their clients. Settlements come with sound economic benefits that may make negotiated settlements the more cost-effective solution. For example, these agreements can avoid the additional expenses that the courts will require, and they can also reduce the uncertainty that is involved with a full trial. Lastly, settling a case will almost always be much quicker than pursuing the matter through a full trial as this will involve potentially months of preparations and scheduling. Fortunately, the client will always have the right to decline a settlement offer, which will ensure they have the final say. However, this could be a far riskier option as a poor trial outcome could result in the victim receiving no compensation.

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