Steps You Must Take To Sue A Truck Company

Posted on: 24 September 2020


When you are seeking compensation for your injuries after a truck accident, you may assume that you should sue the truck driver initially. However, the truck company is often at fault and you may be able to receive a larger settlement from a truck company than from the original driver, especially if you are not able to receive full compensation from the commercial insurance provider. However, you will need help from a truck accident attorney when determining how to proceed to the next steps. Here are some steps you must take to sue a truck company.

After the Accident

You will want to note all of the relevant contact information for the driver and all the other vehicles involved. You must find out about the trucking company involved and contact information for the trucking company's insurance provider. Make sure to obtain the police report and all relevant medical documents so you can prove that the accident occurred and that you suffered specific injuries tied to the accident.

When Obtaining Legal Representation

You will want to speak with a truck accident attorney because there are documents that your attorney will be able to retrieve that will help you with your case. While your lawyer will be able to retrieve documents, it's also helpful if you're able to gather evidence such as photographs of the accident. However, if you were immediately transported to the hospital, it's understanding that you may need to rely entirely on your truck accident attorney to make your life as easy as possible as you focus on recovering.

Every claim will be different and will require that a full investigation be carried out regarding the cause of the accident and how the damage occurred. You will also need to hire a truck accident attorney specifically because there are more complicated aspects of a truck accident case that you must take into consideration, such as the requirement to keep logs, the safety checks that workers must perform, and the maximum drive time for each work week. 

Commercial vehicle insurance providers have much higher caps than other auto insurance providers. However, because so much money is on the line, insurance providers will do everything they can to reduce the settlement that they will offer you. However, if you are working with an experienced truck accident attorney who can effectively calculate your damages and write a demand letter, you will have a better chance of maximizing your settlement.