How To Respond When A Truck Driver Blames You For The Accident

Posted on: 9 July 2020


When a truck driver collides with a passenger vehicle, this can lead to catastrophic damage to the vehicle and injuries. You may find yourself in a hospital, and you may never recover from your injuries. However, the other driver may argue that you were responsible for the accident because of the actions you took during the event. 

Mistakes You Can Make That Contribute to a Truck Accident

Always try to use designated car lanes whenever possible. However, if you are forced to use a lane that is not designated as a passenger car lane, the commercial truck driver can still be responsible for your accident.

Never tailgate a truck because the vehicle may stop abruptly and you might collide with it. Any accident is a disaster, but crashing into a commercial truck is much more dangerous because the vehicle is less likely to move after the collision. 

Do not make a sudden lane change in front of the truck. If you then need to stop suddenly, the truck may not be able to slow down in time and may collide with your vehicle. Also, when you are nearby the truck, be mindful of the driver's blind spots.

What to Do If You're Accused of Causing the Accident

If you are accused of being responsible for the accident, contact a truck accident lawyer as soon as possible so you can craft an effective defense for yourself. Accidents involving commercial trucks can be complex, and you'll want to make sure that the commercial insurance provider hears your side of the story.

In some cases, a truck accident might have been unavoidable, such as in a situation where adverse weather conditions led to a truck colliding with your vehicle. When nobody is at fault, the insurance provider will not compensate you for your injuries. However, with the help of a truck accident lawyer, you might be able to uncover that the truck driver was actually responsible for the accident.

When the Truck Driver Is At Fault

You might have changed lanes in a manner that was actually safe but the driver was speeding and this contributed to the accident. The truck driver might have been distracted and didn't see you. Your truck accident lawyer might uncover that the driver was working an excessive number of hours and was not in compliance with regulations. These facts can be used to persuade a commercial insurance provider to compensate you for your injuries.

To learn more, contact a truck accident lawyer