2 Trucker Characteristics That Could Cause An Accident

Posted on: 28 May 2020


Passenger cars share public roadways with commercial vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Semi-trucks are among the most dangerous types of commercial vehicles a passenger car can interact with on any roadway.

The drivers behind the wheels of all semi-trucks have a responsibility to operate their commercial vehicles safely. Circumstances within the transportation industry have led to drivers with some less-than-desirable characteristics traveling down the road.

If you feel that either of the following characteristics has contributed to a crash, contact a personal injury attorney for help.

1. Inexperience

The transportation industry has one of the highest turnover rates of any modern market sector. Experts estimate that the freight carrier turnover rate alone is 98%. So, what does this high turnover rate mean for fellow motorists? It means more inexperienced truck drivers are operating on today's roadways.

Many truck drivers don't have multiple years of experience behind the wheel of a semi-truck. This inexperience can prevent a driver from reacting to a situation properly, which can cause a serious accident.

Drivers who do have experience may find themselves regularly operating on a new route. Being unfamiliar with the route can divert a driver's attention and increase the likelihood of an accident. Your attorney will be able to gather valuable information regarding a driver's experience level as you build your personal injury case following a serious accident.

2. Fatigue

You might think that the high turnover rate exhibited by freight carriers means that there are plenty of drivers available at all times. Unfortunately, this isn't true.

The nation is experiencing an ongoing shortage of qualified commercial truck drivers. Experts have calculated the driver shortage to be as high as 60,000 drivers short of meeting industry demand.

With fewer drivers available to haul heavy loads, the drivers who are traveling down roadways are pushing themselves to their limits.

Fatigue is a major contributor to accidents involving semi-trucks and passenger vehicles. Fatigued drivers are less alert, which makes them more likely to cause an accident. An attorney can help you prove that fatigue contributed to your accident by requesting logbooks from the driver or the driver's employer.

The type of driver operating a semi-truck can influence the safety of that truck as it moves down public roadways. If you suspect that inexperience or fatigue played a role in your accident, work with a commercial vehicle wreck attorney, like Frenkel & Frenkel, to help you file a personal injury lawsuit.