Injured In A Rear-End Auto Accident? Know The Value Of Your Case

Posted on: 19 May 2020


Did another driver hit your vehicle from behind and cause you to suffer an injury? If so, you may be wondering about the value of your case and if you will be able to receive compensation. Here are some things to consider about your case to know the value of it. 


One of the reasons that injury lawyers like to take on auto accident cases where the victim is rear-ended is because it is typically very easy to prove liability. In most situations, it is very easy to prove that the driver that hit you was 100% liable. These types of accidents typically happen when you are at a stop sign or red light and another driver doesn't stop in time and impacts the rear of your vehicle. Since you were not moving at the time, the question of who is at fault will be clear.

Of course, not all rear-end accidents are that obvious when it comes to liability. There may be some questions that come up if both vehicles were in motion, but typically the fault is put on the driver that hit the vehicle from behind since they should have the reaction time to brake if they see you slowing down.

Injury Type

A rear-end accident can cause a variety of injuries that you may be suffering from. You may have suffered from a strain or sprain to your neck or back, suffered a concussion, or even had whiplash. A more severe injury is going to lead to a bigger settlement for a variety of reasons. Not only will there be larger medical bills, but you will be more likely to receive pain and suffering for a more severe injury. A broken bone will be seen as a more serious injury than a back sprain, and you will be compensated accordingly. 

Injury Permanence 

The length of time that you suffer from your injury is also going to play a big factor. If you happened to suffer a permanent injury, no matter how big or small it may be, that can lead to a lot more in pain and suffering compensation. This even includes scars that you have related to the accident. If you have an injury that you recovered from fairly quickly, there is not permanence that a judge or jury will consider. 

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