Not My Fault: What To Know About Auto Accident Fault

Posted on: 30 April 2020


Once the dust settles, most of those involved in a vehicle accident will wonder about what and who caused the accident. If you've been hurt, that question takes on even more meaning. Whether fault is clear from the beginning or has to be determined after a lot of investigation, it plays a large role in how much money you will receive in an accident settlement. Read on for further exploration of fault.

The Investigation Begins

Fault may already be determined by the time you are released from the hospital and maybe even before you are admitted. The law enforcement officer that attends the accident often serves as an on-the-spot accident investigator, and their findings hold a lot of weight. It's safe to say that almost all accidents are simple in nature and clear in fault. People in shock, such as drivers, passengers, and witnesses often automatically recite what they felt, heard, and saw as the accident happened.

Interviews with these people along with other physical evidence can lead the officer to make a determination of who did what and when. Even those who were at-fault will sometimes admit that they messed up and caused the wreck. To confirm the information gathered from interviews, the officer will observe physical evidence like the location of damage on crumpled vehicles, marks on the road showing heavy braking, damage to the roadside, and more. All of this information is compiled into a report.

When Fault Cannot Be Easily Determined

If you want to trust the insurance carrier, then you might want to accept who they deem at fault and move on. That, however, might be a mistake. While the insurance companies have accident adjusters on the job to investigates, their opinion could be slightly influenced by the client. This means your insurer agrees with you and the other driver's insurer agrees with them. What you need is more ammunition for your side of things because the issue of fault is so important. If the other driver is found to be the victim, you won't get anything and you could be sued.

More Help For Your Side

If have not already spoken to a personal injury lawyer, do so as soon as you can. Your attorney won't sugar-coat things once they understand the facts of the case and view the evidence. That is because their pay may be based on the outcome of the case. If more investigation is needed, a professional accident investigator is hired. Don't wait another minute — speak to an attorney as soon as possible.