Car Accidents Abroad: 3 Things You Need To Know

Posted on: 29 October 2019


Traveling abroad can be a great way to experience another culture and environment. Many tourists rent a vehicle in their destination city so that they can easily move from one attraction to the next. While a car rental can be convenient, it also opens you up to the possibility of being involved in an auto accident while you are traveling.

1. Invest in Additional Insurance

Most drivers know that their existing auto insurance policy will provide coverage for any rental vehicles that are used within the country they live. It's easy to assume that this coverage will extend to all rental vehicles, but that may not be true.

Review your insurance policy carefully to determine if you have coverage in your destination country. Talk to your insurance agent to clarify the terms of your coverage, then review the contract with an attorney to verify the level of coverage you can expect.

You should consider investing in the additional insurance offered by the rental car company so that you won't have to worry about coverage while on vacation abroad.

2. Review Foreign Driving Laws

The laws that govern driving vary from country to country. It's important that you are familiar with the driving laws in your destination country. Identify any key differences and be prepared to abide by these laws while operating your rental car.

An attorney can help you uncover foreign driving rules and regulations so that you can be prepared to reduce the potential for an accident by following all laws while behind the wheel abroad.

3. Contact an Attorney Immediately in the Event of an Accident

If you are involved in an accident while on vacation, you should contact your attorney immediately. You might overlook some important information that could be vital to the outcome of your accident.

Any injuries you sustain or damage sustained by the vehicles involved in the accident will require financial resources to address. Obtaining the advice of an attorney ensures that you can gather all the information needed to mount a legal case if the situation warrants one.

Don't let an auto accident ruin your vacation. Work with your insurance agent, the car rental company, and a car accident attorney. Each can offer valuable information to help alleviate some of the stress you may feel when involved in a car accident as a tourist.

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